Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Good Web Guide

Yeay! We're entered into the Good Web Guide's ''Website of the Year'' awards!!

The feedback we've had about the site has been constant ever since we started up.

Everyone loves the simplicity.

So, the redesign that is under way will keep true to one of our site foundation stones.

We have entered pretty late in the day, and the new site might or might not be up and running, but you can still give the present site a little love and go to to tell them why YOU love ViT!

We love you too by the way...!!!

If the new redesigned and upgraded ViT isn't ready for the judges this time, the design will certainly be ready for next year along with all the subtle changes we're tailoring for you behind the scenes here.

Should we win this years awards, we will certainly be showing our appreciation to you in some shape or form - we'll sit down and think something up specially for you, our valued clients.

A massive thanks to the Good Web Guide's team for all their hard work!

And a massive thumbs up to YOU,

The Team at Villas in