Tuesday, 21 September 2010

La Dolce Vita in Toscana

Italy has a very rich tapestry of traditions and culture which are very much still alive to this day. The Latin vivaciousness is enthralling, thrilling, colourful and extremely tasty, and Tuscany does not lack in any of these at all. These traditions, sights and tastes have played an extremely important part in Tuscan life for centuries, and are not shows put on for tourists just a very real part of life in Tuscany.

So, as promised a good long while ago, I will be doing an ongoing series of what Tuscan traditions have to offer the locals and visitors alike.

I can’t guarantee that I will cover every single event happening in Tuscany, as this isn’t a dedicated ‘’what’s on’’ service, as I’d like to give an idea of the rich culture and of what is possible to do and see around Tuscany.

If anyone would like to share an event they know about, please contact me or post a comment below the blog and I will include it in a new blog.

Cin Cin – to your good health and happy stay in Tuscany.