Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Viva La Toscana!!

The sun is still shining but everyone's gone a little serious again.

Summer is apparently over, done, finished for another year, kids are back at school, the autumn/winter fashion has been in the shops for at least a month, and Harrods is already selling Christmas paraphernalia - yikes!!

That's all folks, summer is no more.

Says who though?

Go round with a smile on your face and you will always bring sunshine into people's lives.
And of course, the infamous 'Tuscan Smile' has that glint in the eye and Italian feel to it.....

Open a bottle of Tuscan wine you brought back home with you from your wonderful tour round the winery and you've just accessed another piece of Tuscany - one that not only keeps a smile on your face, and of all those that drink with you, but will also give you some invaluable antioxidants to keep you going through the winter months devoid of vitamin D (well, for some of us anyway) until you can get back to the Tuscan pool and Giuseppe, who always picks you up from the airport.

Don't believe the hype.

Don't buy into the doom and gloom of no more summer.

Go online and book your Tuscan early bird now - whatever the weather from now till July, you can smile as much as you like (and more) as you've secured 'your summer' and you will carry that through the next few months on your smile.

Oh boy, it's good to talk Tuscan!!

Cin cin!!